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    Vail Ice Skating

    Ice Skating is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and is a fantastic way to take advantage of the long, cold winter months.  Come and experience gliding effortlessly on the ice, bonfires blazing, steaming hot chocolate while having a ball with family and friends, and watching your kids as they discover the delight of lacing up some skates for  the very first time.  Vail, Colorado  has no shortage of incredible ice rinks that are fabulous for ice skating, each offering it’s own unique style and amenities.

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    OMG! The 13 Best VAIL Holiday Gifts Ever!

    The holidays are just around the corner and before you know it you will be scrambling for the perfect gift for all the special people in your life. For the people in your life who LOVE Vail, Colorado we have some truly special gift ideas for you. These gifts are meant to evoke the very best of this favorite Colorado ski town and will be a treasured keepsake by those who live in Vail, long-time locals, those who have made Vail their home but have had to move away, second-home owners, hard-core skiers, snowboarders and everyone who loves this unique mountain town with it’s big time charms.

  • photo of Mom teaching child to snowboard

    Teaching Kids to Snowboard-Starting Young

    Teaching kids how to snowboard can be fun and rewarding but it will also be frustrating, and call for painstaking patience. Many kids, will take to snowboarding like a duck to water but most will need a little more guidance to get comfortable on a snowboard.

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    What To Do In Vail – 10 Fun Adventures

    Wondering what to do in Vail, Colorado?  Check out these 10 fun adventures in or near Vail, Colorado.  Choose from dispensary tours, segway tours, craft beer tours, pub crawls, raft trips, bike trips and more.  There is a tour here for everybody.  Click on the photo or the name of the tour to reserve the trip.  Make your trip to Vail unforgettable by trying something you will, never ever forget.

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    Vail Winter Events – 2018-2019 Calendar

    A complete calendar of all the Vail, Colorado Winter Events and weekly activities. Use this guide to find all of your favorite  upcoming events. Vail, Colorado comes alive during the winter with an incredible array of events. Please use this list to make the most of your trip to Vail, Colorado or as a way to plan when to come to attend these amazing, action-packed events.

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    How to Shop for a Snowboard-Tips and Product Reviews

    To know how to shop for a snowboard. first you need to decide if you are looking for a Beginner/Intermediate or an Advanced board. You also need to determine your riding style, as well as some other additional features like length, shape, flex, width and camber.  Use this guide to find the right board for you and then check out the list of awesome snowboards that follows.

  • The Ultimate Guide To VAIL SNOWBOARD RENTALS

    Vail snowboard rentals are perfect for the beginner that doesn’t know which snowboard to buy or the advanced snowboarder that doesn’t want the hassle of traveling with a snowboard. Renting a snowboard can be very convenient, you avoid lugging heavy, bulky bags, and paying for excess baggage charges. Renting a snowboard also allows you to choose a board that is best suited for the snow and slope conditions of a particular mountain on the particular day you need it. Lastly, it is a great way to sample the newest boards out there each season.

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    What Do Guys Wear to Yoga?-Men’s Essentials

    Yoga clothing is really about comfort, flexibility and support. You do not need a lot, but what you do need, is essential. Below is a list of the year’s Top Rated yoga clothes for men. These items are affordable and a great way to find out what you need in yoga gear. Choose the items that are right for you to make your workout successful and enjoyable.

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    Yoga Vail – Yoga Classes in the Vail Valley

    Yoga is the practice of tying breath to movement.  Yoga strengthens the body while inducing flexibility and a deep sense of relaxation and satisfaction. It is an ancient discipline that joins the physical, mental, and spirit and originated in India.  The Vail Valley offers a variety of Yoga classes so review the following list of Yoga in Vail and choose the perfect class near you. 

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    What do you Wear to Yoga Class? – The Essentials

    The essentials you need for Yoga class including clothing you can order directly from Amazon. Women’s tops, bras, leggings, capris, wide leg pants & shorts. Yoga clothing is all about comfort, flexibility and support. You do not need much but what you do need is very important. Once you read about the must-have items for Yoga class, check out the following list of the year’s Top Rated Yoga clothes for women.  All of these items are very affordable and a great way to find out what you like and don’t like in yoga clothes before you invest in more expensive threads like Lululemon, prAna or Beyond Yoga.